Long products

Trading in steel long products

Steel long products are mainly used in the building industry. Do you need to build up a large stock? Centralise your purchases through the trading division of Aciers Grosjean! Our team are ready to meet your requirements.

Take advantage of unique opportunities and have immediate access to offers at the keenest price on the market. Grosjean Steel Trading has a large number of depots throughout Europe. Our mission: to facilitate the import and export of steel.

Rolled steel girders

Our rolled steel girders come in different cross sections (I, H, U) and are key to any building or renovation project.

Surplus or downgrade merchant bars (solid round steel bars)

Grosjean Steel Trading also supplies solid round hot rolled steel bars.

Reinforcement rods and wire rod (concrete reinforcement rods in coils)

Excellent value for money, reliability, etc. Wire rods are suitable for a range of applications.